School Festival

In 2021, the school festival received more than 7,000 students. In 2022, the School festival will take place from 19 to 23 September in six cinemas.

In addition to the usual screenings, the Dinard British Film Festival wishes to take the cinema out of the screen: firstly by combining music and image with a cine-concert (two short films by Charlie Chaplin will be entirely re[1]orchestrated live by a musical group), then by behind the scenes of the seventh art with interventions revealing its production secrets.

The films were chosen from among the most representative of recent British cinema. One of them, Limbo, won both major awards at last year’s Dinard festival. Days of The Bagnold Summer, also an audience favourite in 2021, is still unreleased in French cinemas and the School festival will therefore be one of the few opportunities to see it on the big screen. Of the ten films proposed, only eight will be selected.

Price: 4 € per student