Dinard British Film Festival

Over 30 years ago today, Thierry de la Fournière put forward the idea to create a festival dedicated to celebrating the raw and untamed nature of British cinema, in particular the work of three artists: Mike Leigh, Stephen Frears, and Ken Loach.
From social commentary to outlandish comedy, costume-filled romps to enthralling dramas, British filmmakers have demonstrated time and time again a unique talent for bringing a picture to life, incorporating an immense vivacity to their works, be they humorous or brutal.

“The Dinard British Film Festival came into existence around the same time British cinema was reborn, and ever since the festival has enjoyed, and excelled in, the role of ‘cinematographic bridge’ between Britain and France.”

Since its conception the Festival has grown in both reputation and attendance, reaching almost 31 0000 under the presidency of Sandrine Bonnaire in 2019. But its real niche lies in its diverse film selection, which places emphasis on the novel and original. An incubator in which British films destined for the French market can make their mark.

The festival has been honoured to receive some of our most esteemed guests as part of the consistently Franco-British jury, including:
Monica Bellucci, Sandrine Bonnaire, Nicole Garcia, Catherine Deneuve, Claude Lelouch, Jean Rochefort, Nathalie Baye, Etienne Chatilliez, Jean-Paul Rappeneau, Lambert Wilson, Emily Watson, Kristin Scott Thomas, Jane Birkin, Sabine Azéma, Charlotte Rampling, Terence Young, Ben Kinsley, Rupert Grint, Alex Lutz, Sabrina Ouazan, Emmanuelle Bercot, Danièle Thompson,…