Masterclasses and Meetings

On the theme of careers in the film industry

Wednesday 27 September at 3pm – Petit Palais, Palais des Arts et du Festival

The diversity of uses for INA audiovisual collections

With Christelle Molina, Déléguée régionale INA Loire Bretagne, Sophie Morlon, Head of Department – Development, Marketing & Communication Department – Cultural and educational actions and partnerships
INA is a distinctive public media organisation with 80 years of television, radio and web archives. With more than a billion video views a year, it archives, preserves, digitises, produces and distributes original

Thursday 28 September at 3pm – Petit Palais, Palais des Arts et du Festival

Beyond the cinema with NT Binh, Jean-François Baillon, Marine Bohin and Frame

To coincide with the release of NT Binh and Jean-François Baillon’s Dictionnaire du cinéma britannique (Vendémiaire), the masterclass “Beyond the Cinema screen” explores the new
forms of film critic way of talking about films. The Dictionary is intended to be both loving and subjective. Alongside the authors, the other guests share this taste for unclassifiable
cinema, far from preconceived ideas: Marine Bohin fervently varies formats, from YouTube to Instagram. Frame ventures into express reviews on his TikTok channel. What is happening to critics in the age of streaming platforms? Why is it undesirable? And let’s look at the way in which speaking out frees up our relationship with cinema and the press.

Friday 29 September at 3pm – Petit Palais, Palais des Arts et du Festival

Meeting « Explore » Ouest-France

We talk cinema with TVR and Ouest-France. On the agenda: guests, interviews, reports… Hosted by Thibaut Boulais from TVR, and Émilie Chassevant, journalist at Ouest-France.   (Broadcast: Friday 29 September at 9pm on TVR and available on

Friday 29 September at 6pm – Petit Palais, Palais des Arts et du Festival

Screen Talk with Screen International

The renowned film business publication presents a round table discussion chaired by Mona Tabbara, and with the teams present in Dinard.

Saturday 30th September at 3pm / 4.15 pm / 5.30 pm – Petit Palais, Palais des Arts et du Festival

Initiation to dubbing by Anthony Brutillot

Anthony Brutillot, professional actor, offers adults and children the chance to discover the world of dubbing studios in a fun way. Come and learn about dubbing and sound effects in
a one-hour session where YOU will be the stars. The audience is both spectator and actor. The atmosphere is guaranteed! At the start of each session, there will be a time to discuss the profession.