The Dinard Festival of British Film has become The Dinard Festival of British & Irish Film

We are pleased and proud to announce this change of name for the festival in its 35th year, which reflects the enrichment of its identity.

“In all cultural areas – literature, music, the visual arts, film – Ireland shows a delightful vitality and dynamism. We’re taking this into account and giving our Irish friends their rightful place alongside our British neighbours and friends”, says Vincent Remy, deputy for culture.

Artistic Director Dominique Green adds: “I am delighted as this change of name reflects the deeply connected but distinct people, cultures and film industries of the UK and Ireland. A dynamic transformation that gives us all equal billing.”

Also welcoming the announcement, Ireland’s Ambassador to France, Niall Burgess, said:
“Dinard has provided an exceptional platform for Irish cinema in France since it introduced an Irish section, presenting audiences with the best of our film industry. It was Dinard that launched the Oscar-nominated An Cailín Ciúin (The Quiet Girl) in France, which went on to become the first Irish-language film to receive a general release in this country.

The Festival’s new name represents a turning point for Irish cinema in France. It’s a recognition of its unique strength and identity, and we’re delighted to be working with our partners in Dinard to bring the best of Irish culture to Brittany for our Celtic cousins and our closest EU neighbours.”