Alice Pol is a faithful actress: when she films once with an artist, she likes to repeat the experience. She made her debut in the cinema in “Vilaine” alongside Marylou Berry, whom she later reunited with for “Joséphine”. She also crossed paths twice with director Jean-Pierre Améris (“Romantics Anonymous” and “I feel better”) or Guillaume Gallienne (“Maryline” and “Le Dindon”), and four times that of Clovis Cornillac (“Une folle envie”, “L’Aventure des Marguerite”, “Si on chantait” and “C’est magnifique”, directed by the actor himself) or of Dany Boon (“A perfect plan”, “Supercondriaque”, “Raid Dingue” and “Le Dindon”).

Alice Pol has also played an unemployed woman
thinking of becoming a surrogate mother in Charlotte de Turckheim’s “Qui c’est les plus forts?”, Emile Zola/Guillaume Canet’s wife in Daniel Thompson’s “Cézanne and I”, a pianist playing alongside Jean Dujardin in Claude Lelouch’s “Un plus une” and the editor of a missing Antoine de Maximy in “J’irai mourir dans les Carpates”.

She is currently starring in “Vieux fourneaux 2: Bons pour l’asile”, a film she shares with one of her other favourite partners, Eddy Mitchell. After the first part of “Vieux fourneaux” and “Murder Party”, she will be reunited with him for a fourth time in “Un petit miracle”.