This section is reserved for film industry professionals and the press.

The request for accreditation implies acceptance and application of the rules, which must be validated when completing the form.

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What is the purpose of accreditation?

Festival accreditation is mandatory for access to cinema and online screenings. It is personal and non-transferable. It is not permitted to lend, transfer or sell the accreditation badge
– in case of loss or theft of the accreditation, no duplicate can be issued
– accreditation must be worn throughout the festival.

Who can apply for accreditation?

Professionals: the Dinard Festival of British Film is reserved for audiovisual and film professionals.

Press: press accreditation for the Dinard Festival of British Film is reserved primarily for audiovisual and press professionals with a press card (journalists, photographers, radio and TV technicians) and then for press correspondents, bloggers, etc.

The number and type of accreditation (access and priority level), per media, are allocated by the festival’s press service commission.

How to apply?

The request for accreditation must be made online via the form and is reviewed by a selection committee composed of members of the festival team.

Important notes:
As soon as the Festival receives your information, an email confirming the receipt of your accreditation request will be sent to you.
Please note that this email does not confirm the validation of your accreditation.
The festival reserves the right to:
– to accept requests for accreditation free of charge
– to propose a paying accreditation
– refuse an accreditation request. The simple fact of filling in the accreditation request form does not imply the acceptance of this request.
Accreditation does not include hotel or transport.
Each person who submits a request will receive a reply by email, whether positive or negative.

Festival accreditation is required for access to theatrical and online screenings.

By September 17th.